Eyeliner Brush Set Bent Gel Liner Makeup Brushes.

Eyeliner Brush Set Bent Gel Liner Makeup Brushes.

【Makeup Brush Are Simple and Easy to Use】: All four eyelash brush of the eyeliner brush set are suitable for liquid, gel eyeliner and cream makeup products. Allows you to apply makeup quickly and evenly and apply eyeliner precisely. This eyeliner brush set eyebrow brush set are made from ultra-fine synthetic fibers that won't shed lint.

【Ergonomic Design Eyeliner Brush Set】: The eyeliner brush set handle is lightweight and comfortable to hold, making the eyeliner brushes eyebrow brush set easier to control for precise application. You can easily blend in the color you want and the concealer brush can create perfect gel eyeliner and make you more beautiful and confident.

【Perfect Eyeliner Brushes for Makeup】: Eyeliner brush set are carefully handcrafted according to market research and can be flexibly applied to different eyeliner brushes. The eyeliner brush makeup brushes can make perfect eye makeup. The 4 eyeliner brushes for makeup include:Bent Pencil Precision Brush、Fine Point Brush、Angled Line Brush、Detail Brush.

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